Fans First with Jesse Cole

Fans First with Jesse Cole
Learn how to turn your customers into fans from author, speaker, and Fans First phenom Jesse Cole, Owner of the Savannah Bananas. When your customers becomes fans, they do your marketing for you. This course is a must for anyone looking for organic business growth built upon a tremendous customer experience.

Course Outline


  1. Normal Gets Normal Results
  2. Workbook


  1. Warmup
  2. First Pitch: The Savannah Bananas Take the Field


  1. Creating a Better Experience
  2. At-Bat No. 1
  3. Stop Doing What Your Customers Hate
  4. What Do You Want to Be Known For?
  5. Create Shareable Moments
  6. Learn from Experiences in Other Industries
  7. Bonus Content: Rethink Your Pricing Model


  1. Whatever is Normal, Do the Exact Opposite
  2. Challenge your Industry
  3. Listen Carefully, Respond Creatively
  4. Whats is the Craziest Thing Your Business has Ever Done?


  1. Be the O.N.L.Y
  2. Can you be the "O.N.L.Y.?"


  1. Focus on The Customer
  2. Perfect Fan Experience
  3. Bonus Content: Customer Giveaways
  4. Assessing Your Perfect Fan Testimonial


  1. What are the Stages Where Your Business Takes Place?
  2. The Office as a Stage
  3. Your Front Door is a Stage
  4. A Stage for Loyal Fans


  1. Conquering Digital
  2. Build Your Own Media Channels


  1. Building an Idea Culture
  2. Moving Forward with Fans First
  3. Hiring Fans First Employees


  1. Winning with Fans First for Your Company
  2. Course completion

About the Course

Fans First is your ticket to creating a holistic, engaging and awe-inspiring customer experience that, prior to this course, you likely thought impossible.

Instructor and guide Jesse Cole, the owner of the Savannah Bananas of the Coastal Plain League, will walk you through the ins and outs of elevating satisfied customers to a lifelong fan of your brand, team and offering.

In this course, you’ll learn:

    How to bring “happy tears” to your customers’ eyes with powerful engagement and genuine care.

    Strategies for making the customer experience truly fun without losing out to “gimmicky” initiatives.

    How to give your entire team purpose in your united effort create an amazing experience.

    Ways to transform your business and turn your customers into true fans, not just participants.

    How to leverage that passion you’ve created and have customers raving about your experience.

    That your best marketers are your fans.

Ready? Let’s play ball.